Innovation Award

This award recognises that transformation is happening in our sector and is awarded to the project that has taken an innovative approach and achieved a positive outcome. Innovation could be in the field of process, design, construction, materials or technology
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Innovation Award

Project: The Mezz Box


Stewart Hanna Ltd

Project Partners

BCD Group (Engineer), Edwards White Architects Limited (Architect/Designer)

Owned By

Stark Property

The Mezz Box project provided a challenging commercial space, that successfully met the daring aspirations of both the client and architect. The new building is located on top of a pre-existing building. The 230sqm building was completed under an extremely tight timeframe in mid-winter conditions. To achieve the ambitious deadline, both procurement and clear methodology was key. Throughout construction, the team needed to be mindful of the existing tenanacy within and surrounding the build, and traffic management on the main street of Hamilton.

Judges comments

The Mezz Box is a striking addition to a main street Hamilton building which previously had its back to the Waikato River.

Judges were impressed with the collaboration of the developer, architects and contractor, who built an extension on the third floor of a fully tenanted building to contribute to Hamilton’s waterfront transformation.

Restricted site access, a tight deadline, and the need to avoid disrupting existing tenants, meant an innovative solution had to be developed. The decision was made to build the new addition on the ground adjacent to the existing building and then lift it into place using one of New Zealand’s biggest mobile cranes. Judges said that this innovative solution sped up the construction process, improved quality control, and reduced the impact of the build on existing tenants.

The building has lifting eyes which have been specifically designed and fixed to a steel frame. These lifting eyes penetrate the roof and were designed so that when the building was lifted, it would remain level and would fit nicely into position. This required precise calculations from the structural engineer as there was a maximum weight that the crane was able to lift.

The judges say that the solution was a complete success and the extension, which represented 80% of the building, was successfully lifted into place.