Project: Nelson Airport Terminal


Naylor Love Canterbury Ltd

Project Partners

Aesculus Project Management (Project Management), bbd (Cost Consultant), Dunning Thornton Consultants (Engineer), eCubed Ltd (Engineer), Fulton Hogan (Construction Company), Gibbons (Construction Company), Studio Pacific Architecture (Architect/Designer)

Owned By

Nelson Airport Ltd

Nelson Airport is New Zealand’s fifth busiest regional airport and is in the process of a significant redevelopment. The chosen materials and unique roof design presented the design and construction team with a huge challenge. It required a meticulous plan that involved fabricating and installing the 36 roof triangles with minimal tolerance. This was all while maintaining acoustics, weather tightness and overall aesthetic. A staged construction was necessary to ensure the original terminal could be used while the first stage was being built. This required repeat work by all trades, but also provided a great opportunity for efficiencies to be refined.

Project: Awatere Hall Renovation


Scott Construction Marlborough Ltd

Project Partners

Arthouse Architects (Architect/Designer), Scott Construction Marlborough Ltd (Construction Company)

Following the Seddon earthquake and public consultation, Arthouse Architects were commissioned to upgrade the existing memorial hall to better accommodate the current needs of the local community. The project team were able to successfully restore and rebuild the Awatere Hall to meet the current and future needs of the community. The upgraded memorial hall now boasts a new community gym which is accessible 24/7 and can comfortably handle large community events such as weddings and funerals as well as catering for the varying needs of support groups. The construction team developed a good working relationship with the local authority agents which resulted in a flawless inspection process and the resulting Code Compliance Certificate being issued shortly following it completion.