Innovation Award

This award recognises that transformation is happening in our sector and is awarded to the project that has taken an innovative approach and achieved a positive outcome. Innovation could be in the field of process, design, construction, materials or technology
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Innovation Award

Project: Eyes and Eyelids


ASC Architects

Project Partners

ASC Architects (Architect/Designer), BGT Structures Ltd (Engineer), Scarbro Construction (Construction Company)

Owned By

Eyes and Eyelids

ASC Architects were commissioned to design a new boutique eye clinic for providing specialist ophthalmic care and cataract surgery. Due to a limited lease agreement between the parish and the client an interesting constraint of the brief was that the building needed to be easily relocatable to another site. In response to this, the building was designed as three separate modules that fitted together to complete the single building. Timing constraints, which were established during the design phase, locked in a tight critical path that needed to be met to design, consent, tender, and complete construction of the building in the timeframe required. This required the entire project team to work well together to achieve a successful end result.

Judges comments

Establishing a new specialist Ophthalmic Care Cataract Surgery practice while remaining within the ‘Specialists Mile of Remuera Road’ was a challenge when all vacant land and premises were occupied. This required an innovative solution to be sought by the client. The decision was to approach the local Anglican Church to see if an old house on part of their existing carpark could be removed and replaced with Eyes and Eyelids. The answer was yes, but it was a ground lease arrangement only, and the premises has to be removed when the lease expires. Therefore, a relocatable building that could have another life was built. The judges were very impressed by the owner’s approach, and how the consultants handled the challenge, particularly in an area of Auckland where vacancies do not exist. They felt this was a very innovative solution from all involved, in particular the contractor who added some practicalities to ensure the end vision could be achieved. If you were not aware of the premise’s ability to be removed in the future, one would not notice the three separate portions of the building. This is an example of innovation throughout the total process, from site selection to the final delivery of premises that is ‘Fit for Purpose’ and is a deserved Innovation Winner.