Supreme Award for the 2023 NZ Commercial Project

The Registered Master Builders Supreme Award for the New Zealand Commercial Project of the Year will be awarded to the most outstanding entry for the year’s competition.
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Supreme Award

Project: Voco-HIE


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Project Partners

ICON CO PTY NZ LTD (Construction Company)

Voco-HIE is a unique 39-storey development with two independently operated hotel chains that are stacked on top of each in a single tower formation. It has 495 hotel rooms across the two brands; VOCO (201 rooms, 4.5-star hotel), and Holiday Inn Express (294 rooms, 3.5-star hotel). Outside of Voco-HIE’s core guest room function, the development provides food and beverage offerings, including an impressive 'sky lounge' bar, conference, and recreational facilities. The hotel's complex design accommodates the differing hotel dimensional configurations, with shared equipment infrastructure where possible. The hotel is committed to sustainability, achieving a Level 4 energy efficiency rating via IHG's Green Engage program.

Judges comments

This extraordinary building is a great addition to Auckland’s CBD and is a strong contender for the most elegant high-rise in the city. It has achieved this status by skilfully exploiting its unique brief of accommodating two independent hotels, one atop the other, on a constrained inner-city site. The two hotels have completely different requirements, such as separate entries, receptions, gyms, kitchens, and banks of lifts. The rooms are of differing quality, finish and size. This resulted in a major transfer structure involving the team effectively constructing heavy building foundations 20-storeys in the air. The skilful sequencing and planning for this entire project were a major factor in its success and one we are proud to call our Supreme Winner for 2023.